Why the septic tank popped up - errors when installing the tank.
Question-Answer/Questions and answers on the installation of septic tanks/Why did the septic tank float up? Is it possible to install the compressor outdoors?
How to make a warm toilet seat with your own hands
How to make a warm toilet seat with your own hands
How to make a wooden toilet seat We invite you to consider a couple of seat options that we recommend
Installation of a drainage system with your own hands - installation of roof gutters
Gutter systems made of polyvinyl chloride are much lighter and more practical than metal options. With plastic kits significantly
ring drainage
How to make a house foundation drainage with your own hands: step-by-step instructions for arrangement
Groundwater has a negative impact on underground structures. Most of all, it “gets” the foundations and
Structure of a septic tank
Aerator for a septic tank: device and principle of operation, do-it-yourself manual
Recently, a lot of people wanted to equip their dachas as best as possible and
Drainage around the building
Drainage around the house: basic technology, types of drainage systems and their cost
Home > Articles > Drainage systems > Design of drainage systems Ask a question Send a request
making a water well with your own hands
Scheme of water supply for a private house from a well with a hydraulic accumulator
For individual water supply to country private houses and dachas that do not have access to the central main
storm drainage device
How storm drainage works - rules for arranging a drainage system
Some regions experience rainfall, while others experience snowy winters. In such situations it is often
Which reagent to choose for a composting toilet at your dacha: TOP-13 best liquids and fillers for composting toilets
Types of dry closets Dry toilets come in liquid and peat types. In the first case, liquids are used that promote
Classification and principles for choosing a septic tank: application, principle of operation, structural features, diagrams, operation
Surface septic tank for a country toilet Surface septic tank for a country toilet If you are building your own
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